Unique Digital provides several options to effectively assess your infrastructure. Our detailed assessments provide you with an informative view of your data center and identify areas for improvement. Each assessment we perform utilizes data-gathering tools to help you understand the short and long-term demands of your equipment. All of our assessments can be performed remotely with little to no interruption to your daily operations. After all data has been processed, our engineers will present a detailed report along with the recommended solutions and implementation strategies for your company.

We Offer Assessments For:


  • Cluster Inventory
  • Cluster Configuration Inventory
  • Cluster Performance
  • Utilization Statistics
    • VM count
    • Memory
    • Disk
    • Storage


  • Response Time
  • Read/Write
  • IOPS
  • I/O Size
  • Throughput
  • Capacity
  • Data Skew


  • Capacity Growth
  • Backup Success & Failure Rates
  • Completion Time
  • Types of Data Stored
  • Server Utilization