Data Center Moves

Moving your data center to another building, town, or state is more than just backing up a van and loading the boxes. Relocating your data center takes time away from your everyday responsibilities of data management and planning. We understand not all projects are alike and we have the ability to accommodate to your specific needs. With services ranging from simply moving un-racked servers to relocating large data center architectures, our engineers and planning team understand the time-sensitive value of your business’ data assets.


  • Dates & Timeframes Established
  • Manpower & Activity Coordination
  • Collection of Data Migration

Site Evaluation

  • Power Requirements
  • Network Requirements
  • Equipment Positioning Requirements

De-installation (Optional)

  • Certified Engineer Onsite
  • Equipment & Cables Labeled
  • All Equipment Documented
  • Equipment Secured for Transport


  • Bonded Professional Movers
  • Load and Unload Equipment
  • Multiple Transit Options
  • Special Packaging Available


Re-Installation (Optional)

  • Certified Engineer Onsite
  • Equipment Positioning and Installation
  • Operation Verification
  • System Diagnostics
  • Connect System to Network