Customer Challenges

Information security is crucial to your company’s success and credibility. From the data center to the end user, security spans across all aspects of your IT business. It is becoming increasingly difficult to assure that your data is secure. Emerging IT trends and data growth can lead to additional threats in your environment.

Common Security Challenges:

  • Internal & External Threats
  • Human Error
  • Unused & Stale Data
  • User Access
  • Access Activity
  • BYOD
  • Role-Based Access

Solutions & Technologies

Proper data security requires tools and resources to identify and protect your organization’s most valuable asset – its data. The complexity of security and its various components requires professional insight and attention to detail. Unique Digital can help your organization understand where your sensitive data is located, how it’s used, who is accessing it and how it’s protected.

Common Security Solutions:

  • Data Center Firewall
  • WAN Security
  • Data Ownership Identification
  • Audit Trails
  • Reporting and Repairing Permissions
  • Data Encryption
  • Tokenization (RSA)