Architect & Design

Customer Challenges

Unique Digital specializes in helping your organization design and build the best infrastructure to solve your IT needs and enhance your current environment. In order to meet the growing demands for complete turn-key solutions, we analyze your current infrastructure, identify your IT requirements, and refine your long- and short-term goals.

Unique Digital is comprised of highly trained and certified engineers who are committed to architecting flexible and scalable infrastructures. We consult with you to build the sturdy foundation necessary for your company’s growth. Based on your company’s size, business requirements, technologies, location, and industry, we recommend best practices to fit your organization.

Solutions recommended by Unique Digital experts are based on real-world experience using best practices, proven designs, and systematic plans. This will increase your productivity, lower your costs, and create a solid foundation your company can build on.


Unique Digital provides several options to effectively assess your infrastructure. Our detailed assessments provide you with an informative view of your data center and identify areas for improvement. Each assessment we perform utilizes data-gathering tools to help you understand the short- and long-term demands of your equipment. All of our assessments can be performed remotely with little to no interruption to your daily operations. After all data has been processed, our engineers will present a detailed report along with the recommended solutions and implementation strategies for your company.

We Offer Assessments for:
  • Cluster Inventory
  • Cluster Configuration Inventory
  • Cluster Performance
  • Utilization Statistics
    • VM count
    • Memory
    • Disk
    • Storage
  • Response Time
  • Read/Write
  • IOPS
  • I/O Size
  • Throughput
  • Capacity
  • Data Skew
  • Capacity Growth
  • Backup Success & Failure Rates
  • Completion Time
  • Types of Data Stored
  • Server Utilization

Cloud Counseling

Adopting a cloud strategy may at first seem like an intimidating and confusing process. Ensure your organization adopts the right cloud technology by utilizing Unique Digital’s cloud consulting expertise.

To unlock the full value for your business, we can help you architect a customized cloud strategy, whether it’s a public, private, or hybrid cloud. Whether you are exploring your first journey into the cloud or leveraging installed technologies, we have the experience to ensure your transition will be a successful one.

Data Center Move

Moving your data center to another building, town, or state is more
than just backing up a van and loading the boxes. Relocating your data center takes time away from your everyday responsibilities of data management and planning. We understand not all projects are alike and we have the ability to accommodate to your specific needs. With services ranging from simply moving unracked servers to relocating large data center architectures, our engineers and planning team understand the time-sensitive value of your business’ data assets.

  • Dates & Timeframes Established
  • Manpower & Activity Coordination
  • Collection of Data Migration
Site Evaluation
  • Power Requirements
  • Network Requirements
  • Equipment Positioning Requirements
De-installation (Optional)
  • Certified Engineer Onsite
  • Equipment & Cables Labeled
  • All Equipment Documented
  • Equipment Secured for Transport
  • Bonded Professional Movers
  • Load & Unload Equipment
  • Multiple Transit Options
  • Special Packaging Available
Re-installation (Optional)
  • Certified Engineer Onsite
  • Equipment Positioning & Installation
  • Operation Verification
  • System Diagnostics
  • Special Packaging Available


Unique Digital has a highly qualified team of project managers and certified in-house engineers devoted to data center implementations. Proper planning and communication is imperative in order to ensure a smooth integration process. Unique Digital assigns each engagement to a project manager who works to set project expectations and timelines throughout the entire implementation process.

Our seasoned professionals understand the impact these implementations have on your infrastructure. Our objective is to streamline installation day to ensure it’s an easy and hassle-free
process. Certified engineers work diligently to stage, upgrade, and meet target codes prior to the equipment arriving at your facility. Unique Digital integrates your technology seamlessly while optimizing your
data center; therefore, you are able to take comfort that everything is being diligently managed.


Unique Digital is committed to providing superior customer support to resolve your inquiries and issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our engineers can provide a single point of contact for technical questions and support issues spanning multiple vendors, products, and solutions. Unique Digital delivers exceptional first-call and onsite support. Based on predetermined SLAs, your support case will be addressed and resolved with the criticality that your organization expects. Our support engineers are trained and certified through various manufacturer training programs. Their training, knowledge, and certifications give them the ability to accurately diagnose and troubleshoot even the most complex infrastructures and solutions.